Project Schooltent 2015

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Project Schooltent 2015


Hafez Abdul Madjid HAMN Foundation and Farda Foundation are joining forces to create a different, richer and more powerful classroom experience for the students of the Zia'ul Haq school in Kapisa province.

Beteken iets voor de toekomst van deze scholieren door je steentje bij te dragen aan dit project. Help ons om samen met jouw bijdrage de noodzakelijke schoolmaterialen aan deze school te verschaffen.


Many students of the Zla’ul Haq school in Kapisa are returning to their school next week. They certainly are excited to be back in the classroom, with their friends and following their courses. But the school is missing critical goods, such as: roofed classrooms, school boards, chairs and textbooks. The primary school teachers have to be incredibly creative and resourceful to teach their lessons without having a proper room and school board.

But by purchasing primary supplies, the school year could be a very different experience for the students than the previous years. This year they could have school tents, school boards, carpets and textbooks as part of their curriculum.

Hafez Abdul Madjid HAMN Foundation and Farda Foundation are joining forces to create a different, richer and a more powerful classroom experience for the students of the Zia’ul Haq school in the province of Kapisa. Both organizations passionately believe that education is the only way to truly uplift individuals and communities from poverty and guarantee a sustainable future. A sustainable Farda.

18 School Boards

15 Schooltents

1200 Students


The Zia’ul Haq primary school is located in the province of Kaplsa and falls under valley of Nejraab which is 100km from the capital of Afghanistan.

There is a small gravel road linking the school to the tarred main road. The problems are mainly financial and lack of education facilities for the community.

In the pictures you can see classrooms consisting of approximately 30 students having limited recourses. The students are sitting outside on the ground despite the harsh weather conditions in Afghanistan. Lack of roofed classrooms and basic study materials indicates the current poor conditions of the education facilities in the valley.

HAMN Foundation in Afghanistan is approached by the directory of Zia’ul Haq school asking for basic education needs such as school tents, school boards and carpets. In accordance to this letter, HAMN Foundation conducted research by taking the necessary pictures and preparing quotation for purchasing materials.


To support the Zia’ul Haq school in Kapisa province by improving the education facilities and providing school tents, school boards and carpets.

  • Helping 1200 primary school students with 15 school tents.
  • Supplying the classrooms with 18 school boards
  • Covering the classrooms with 75 pieces of carpet


The total expenditure for purchasing the school materials are prepared by Hafez Abdul Madjid foundation in Afghanistan. The estimated total costs of this project is C3640 and consists of the following:

  • SCHOOLTENTS: 15 x €186,60 (€2800)
  • SCHOOL BOARDS: 18 x €610,5 (€189)
  • CARPETS: 75x €2,95 (€221)

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